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All of these new artists and groups that are anti-government potentially work for the man.  They are telling all of these people you can make a living without going through the everyday struggle.  What most people don’t understand is that their struggle is even greater.  With a full time job, you only have to worry about going to work that day and do that work.  If you’re an artist, you have to make a living off of each piece of work, you have to promote, and you have to please people.  But what you do not realize, is that those artists are still working for someone above them, that will sell and promote their work.  Who gets most of the money?  The person “working” for the artist.  Artists are now trying to get others to follow their lead and be just like them, when all they do is put these ideas into peoples heads.  Not everyone is an artist, most are though.  You can’t always make a living off of it.  And what they don’t tell you, is that they are working for the government.  Why?  Because this filters out the less intelligent.  If you think you can make it through with your art, without helping the country in some type of way, you WILL fail.  What do I mean?

1.  The artists convince you that their lifestyle is the way to live.

2.  You try to live that way and fail.

3.  One less person for the government to worry about.

So do your job and at least try to work an actual job.  Too many people are ignoring real jobs that save lives instead of supporting the country and the world.  We need more people in hospitals, lab rooms, and eco-friendly organizations.  Don’t forget the people that save you every single day, instead of only remembering the people that “saved the world” with their music.





this actually really freaks me out

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